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Salted Lime Marshmallows

Salted Lime MarshmallowsI couldn’t resist doing a short post in celebration of National Tequila Day. As you may or may not remember, alcohol gives me insomnia, so my margarita days are over (they’re one of the few drinks I really, really, really miss—every once in a while I long for a greyhound, too), so these salted lime marshmallows will have to do. I think that’s what you call a high-class problem.

To make these, just follow the directions for my Citrus Marshmallows (the lime ones, obviously), but add a light sprinkling of sea salt flakes to the top after you pour the marshmallows into the cake pan. They are pretty delicious. And, I think it would be fun to use a round cookie cutter to make these in the shape of shots.

Happy National Tequila Day and have a margarita for me (salt around the rim, please)!


Go to Citrus Marshmallow Recipe

Salted Lime Marshmallows


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