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Orange-Ginger Spritzer

Orange-Ginger Ale SpritzerHappy halfway through the week!

This is just a mini post to share a refreshing little number I made the other night. I only had a tiny little bit of my favorite ginger ale left to go with my big ole bowl of popcorn, and that was not going to work.

So, I pulled an orange out of the fridge, juiced it, and poured that and the ginger ale all over a glass of ice. Oh, it was good.

Next time I’m going to try it with grapefruit juice—sort of like a salty dog that’s a little light on the salty. Mmm, I can already taste it…

Cheers! (Clink.)

Orange-Ginger Spritzer
Single Serving | Alcohol-Free
Ready in:
5 min


The juice of one orange
1/3 cup lightly sweetened ginger ale
1 cup ice

Stir it all together and enjoy!

Orange-Ginger Ale SpritzerOrange-Ginger Ale Spritzer

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