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A Because Party: Recipes, Tips, & Decorations

Because PartyWhy have a party? Because! Why else? Okay, there are many other reasons you could throw a party, but recently I’ve decided that because is just as good of a reason as any. I’ll explain, but allow me to back up for just a second…

The biggest compliment I could ever get from anyone about my blog is that I make them want to cook. I mean, I’ll take any and all compliments I can get, but when someone tells me I inspired them to do something they would not have done had they not come across my recipes, that’s the absolute best.

Prospect Goods DecorationsAnd that’s exactly how I felt when I first discovered the chic, unique, and epically creative Prospect Goods.

The array of tassle garlands, piñatas, balloons, and generally sparkly and colorful wonderfulness instantly made me want to have a party—for no other reason than so I could decorate with those products. (And, you know, because.) The second before I discovered Prospect Goods?  No plans to throw a party. The moment after? I needed to get one on the calendar ASAP. And can you blame me?

[UPDATE: Since I posted this in 2015, Prospect Goods has stopped making their lovely tassle garlands, but you can find them from other makers on Etsy.]

Prospect Goods Decorations

Prospect Goods Decorations

Prospect Goods

Since fall is officially in the air—and people are taking it inside more and more as the weather gets cooler—I thought this would be the perfect time to put together something a wee bit more elaborate than my usual one-recipe post.

So, for those of you who are so in, I have gathered everything you’ll need to throw a shin-dig of your own. Even if it’s just because. Actually, especially if it’s just because!

Let’s get this party started…


Plum-Ginger Sparklers —> Get the RecipePlum-Ginger Sparklers

Squash-Rosemary Flatbread —> Get the Recipe
Squash-Rosemary Flatbread

Chive Cocktail Potato Crisps —> Get the Recipe
Chive Cocktail Potato Crisps

Brussels Sprouts and Bacon Mini Kabobs —> Get the Recipe
Bacon Brussels Sprouts

Mini Apple Crumble Pies —> Get the Recipe
Mini Apple Crumble Pies

Sparklemallows —> Get the Recipe


IMG_7433 2

Throwing a party can be tricky!

Not to worry, I’ve put together some tips for organization and a suggested timeline to help you put the whole thing together.

Get Tips Now



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