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5 Ways to Celebrate National Coffee Day

LatteYou KNOW I couldn’t let this day go by without paying tribute to one of my favorite foods (yes, I consider it a food—a food group, actually) on the planet: I’m talking about coffee.

And turns out I don’t need a reason to celebrate…this little round-up includes coffee-related recipes that I’ve created this year with no holiday in mind. Coffee in itself is celebration-worthy, I say.

So, pick your poison below, and I hope there’s lots of buzz surrounding your day!

1. Hemp Milk Latte
Hemp Milk Latte

2. Pumpkin Spice LattePumpkin Spice Latte

3. Buzz-Worthy Vegan Espresso ShakeEspresso Shake

4. Vegan Espresso MousseEspresso Mousse

5. CoffeemallowsCoffee Marshmallows

BONUS coffee-related recipe!
Starbucks-Inspired CoffeemallowsStarbucks Marshmallows


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