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Blood Orange & Grapefruit Superstar

Blood Orange GreyhoundOne of my favorite cocktails—back when I could actually drink one and NOT be up until the wee hours of a the morning as a result—was the greyhound. Second only to a strong margarita on the rocks (with salt!), the pairing of grapefruit juice and gin was pure happy to me. So simple! SO GOOD.

So, the grapefruit in this drink is a nod to that old “friend,” the blood orange is me taking advantage of my obsession this month with that beautiful citrus, and the starfruit garnish makes it a strong contender for any Oscar party at the end of February. A nominee for best drink at an Oscar party, if you will.

Hope you like this one—and please, add a shot of gin for me!


Blood Orange-Grapefruit Superstar
Ready in:
10 min 
6 drinks

4 pink grapefruit
4 blood oranges
1/3 cup brown sugar
2 starfruit
Mixer of your choice

Juice to mixer ratios:
Champagne (1:1)
Soda water  (2:1)
Ginger beer or ale (3:1)
Gin (your call!)


  1. Juice grapefruit and blood oranges, then stir with brown sugar.
  2. Slice starfruit into slices.
  3. Stir juice with mixer, pour over ice, and garnish with starfruit slice on a toothpick.



Superstar Superstar

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