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Oscar Night Cheers

Oscars MixersWhether you’re planning to get red-carpet ready, or watch the Oscars in your jammies, these drink mixer ideas will add to the glam or satisfy all the fancy you’re looking to achieve come February 28th.

I pulled together some of my past favorites and added a new one with some serious star-(fruit)power, all of which can be mixed up as colorful mocktails, or spiked with Champagne, vodka, or gin.

Choose your favorite, or make a few and let your guests choose!

Oscar Night Mixers

Pick your poison…

Blood Orange & Grapefruit SuperstarBlood Orange Greyhound

Blackberry Lavender Fizz
Blackberry Lavender Fizz

Cranberry CheerCranberry Cheer

Plum Ginger SparklerPlumb Ginger Sparkler

If you’d like to serve more than one flavor, a fun way to create your spread is to collect a handful of fun-shaped glass bottles and shot glasses (I just went to Goodwill and consignment shops to get them on-the-cheap)…

Glass bottles

Then fill them all with mixers…

And guests can help themselves…


For this post, I also collected a bunch of mis-matched glasses. Sometimes I’m just really in the mood for non-uniformity, and right now is one of those times.


If you have lots of guests coming to watch, load up bunch of bottles and keep spares refrigerated until needed.

These mixers are currently being featured in Seattle magazine’s How to Throw an Oscar Party, so head over there for more tips —> Get Oscar Party Tips

Have fun!

Oscar Night Cheers



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