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Delicious New Stuff Ahead

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll remember I warned you that I was going to start doing posts that venture beyond recipes (and if you don’t follow me on IG please do!).  For instance, I love and have very strong opinions on TV, movies, and all things pop culture, and sometimes write about that stuff on HelloGiggles—e.g. here’s a Netflix show I think you should watch if you haven’t already…
…and I’m going on record right now as saying I think Meredith and Alex are going to end up together on Grey’s Anatomy. I know, right now it’s like, Ewww, gross—they’re like brother and sister—but I trust Shonda to get us there. So, more on that and other pop culture-y matters later.

I’m also obsessed with interior design and have started writing for Apartment Therapy, so I’ll be sharing those articles here, as well as writing original pretty stuff-related posts. Here’s my first Home Tour for them—it’s my lovely sister’s place:

Sometimes I’ll be doing a food-related post, but perhaps just not an actual recipe. For instance, if you ever visit Seattle, your first stop at Pike Place Market—because you MUST go to the market—should be to Daily Dozen Doughnuts for a bag of these piping hot pieces of magic:

IMG_3212 2

And sometimes I get inspired by something totally random. Like the side of this run-down building, made from what I’m calling zebra print wood:


The second I saw this, I wanted to design an entire kitchen around it in my dream home. (Yeah, I’m thinking about “building” a dream home on this blog, so be on the lookout for that, too.)

The reason I named this blog Pine and Crave is because I knew eventually I wanted it to be about whatever I happened to be pining over and craving at any particular moment. (See what I did there?) My posts may start to be a little all over the map, but the one thing you can count on seeing here is something a little different from the last time you visited. And there will always still be food—after all, a girl’s gotta eat.

Thanks so much to everyone who’s following me right now! I love sharing stuff with you as much as I love doing it myself, so I hope to continue to “see” you often. Until then…





  1. #1 I have been thinking that Alex and Meredith will indeed get together for a long time already. So I an totally with you on this one.
    #2 I finally understand the name of your blog 🙂 I thought pine was the tree 😉

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    • It’s that too, for a little nod to the PNW, as well as a subtle Seattle reference (Pike and Pine are the two most Seattle-y streets to me😉.) It’s multi-layered! 😊


  2. Glad to see you expanding your horizons, maybe that will inspire me to write more. However, I’m distracted by trying to sell Greenhouse, take care of Chris (recovering from foot surgery) and train for my first 100 mile race next week. Good luck!

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