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‘Hood and Home: Kendall’s PNW Gem

WinsI mentioned this in an earlier post, but I just started doing Home Tours for Apartment Therapy, so I’ll be sharing those with you all!

My plan is to post pictures of the surrounding neighborhood here (when participants are up for it, that is), and also link to the full Apartment Therapy tour.

This first picture is of an “old town” type area called Fairhaven in Bellingham, WA, where I’m taking you on this first ‘Hood and Home.

Specifically, to my sister’s one-bedroom place a couple blocks from that stop sign.

You may have already guessed, this is my hometown! Also the home of not messing around when it comes to sunsets.


I always refer to myself as a serial mover because I’ve lived in six different apartments over the course of ten years in Seattle, so I can hardly imagine being in the same place for twelve years like my sister has. Except that, in her case, I can. Take a peek…


She has done such a beautiful job making it work for her, and it’s SUCH a great location (follow her on Instagram to see more pics like the ones below—I stole them from her account). This is outside her building about three seconds after spring sprang this year:


If you keep walking along that blooming sidewalk, you’ll find yourself here:


Everything in her neighborhood is as adorable as this old bank building.


Here’s a street view from inside my favorite coffee shop in town—I’ll give you one guess as to what the name of it is. (There’s the bank again on the corner.)


This boardwalk is about a five-minute walk from Kendall’s place. They’re working on a plan to extend it much further down the shoreline and build a park that runs the length of it. No idea how long it’s supposed to take, but my dad would really appreciate it if they could just finish it during his lifetime.


And here’s my sister (right) and her neighbor McKenna at a neighborhood brewery. Aren’t they so cute?!


Okay, time to go inside—see the full Apartment Therapy Home Tour.


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