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Hepcats: The Ultimate Home Decor Accessory

I don’t usually publish posts on the weekend, but the subject matter seemed purr-fect for a lazy Caturday. I’m sure you’ll agree.


Apartment Therapy has been one of my favorite websites for a long time, so I was extremely excited to wriggle my way into their pool of freelance writers a few months ago. And getting into their even smaller group of Home Tour photographers/writers was especially thrilling—I’ve been a writer for a long time, but photography is a newer piece to my freelance work, so every time I add those types of projects to the list of stuff I get paid to do, it feels like a big giant win.

In my latest Home Tour, I featured the West Seattle townhome of my friends Lauren and Jason. Pretty awesome, right?


Yeah, I could live there for sure.

So far, this was the biggest place I’ve photographed—three levels, three bedrooms, a huge living/dining area—so, a lot of ground to cover. But that was not my biggest concern. It honestly didn’t even occur to me. No, no. I was too busy worried about getting a good picture of at least one of their three cats.

I’d just met Lauren and Jason’s newest kitten, Kenny, a few months prior when I was at their house for an Oscars party, and she was not one to sit still. As for the other two, Zelda and Wrangler, I didn’t see them all night. There were quite a few people there, so I’m guessing those little ladies decided to have cat napping party upstairs to avoid the crowd. And while the scene would definitely be more mellow on this visit, I was still sure they’d run scared the second I walked in toting my step-ladder, tripod, and camera, snapping pics like crazy.

But, let me tell you—camera-shy kitties? SO, not a problem that day. Meet Wrangler…


I had so many pictures of them as they followed me around the home, it posed actual continuity problems as I was choosing which ones to feature in the article. I couldn’t very well feature shots of Kenny in the kitchen, then the master bedroom, then the office—yet technically, I could have.  Those kitties really get around. So, I thought I’d share all the outtakes here. Because, yes, there are still more cat photos in the full Home Tour.

Here’s Wrangler again, and that’s Zelda hanging out in the hand chair…


And then again, on the dining room railing…


These three hepcats were not only fabulous models, but a pretty darn striking element of home decor. I’m pretty sure Lauren and Jason chose home elements specifically to highlight their cuteness.

As Lauren was giving me the grand tour (I hadn’t been upstairs on previous visits), she pointed to the pillows on her bed and said in a hushed voice, “Oh, look.” Lucky I’d brought my camera, because this is what she was pointing at:


Stop. It.

(She did not stop it.)


I mean…can you stand the adorableness??! Wrangler and Kenny (who snuck up shortly after to join the party) seemed to play to the camera once they knew I would eat it up with glee.

Do I look cute up here? What do you think about this over-the-shoulder pose? 


And, how do you feel about action shots?  


I am, in fact, a sucker for action shots. As Wrangler and Kenny clawed their way up the headboard, I should have been slapping my hands together saying, “Down. Bad kitty!” But I was too busy clicking away. I let Lauren be the bad cop.

And the picture below does two things for me. First of all, Miss Wrangler looks crazy cute against that blue wall with the pop of yellow from the pillow—and those eyes: smize much?


Number two, I am 100% amused by how much this photo reminds me a high-fashion shot where the model looks super fierce (I’m just going to go ahead and use all Tyra Banks’ words right now), but at the same time, horribly awkward. Corner of the chair poking into the neck, paw hanging off the edge, body barely balancing on the chair back—that can’t be comfortable. But it looks UHH-mazing.

Then Kenny photobombed my portrait session with Lauren in her office. Apparently there is a special place on one of the shelves where she can sometimes be found snoozing. I didn’t get that photo on this round, but there’s always next time. Follow me on Instagram to be on the lookout for that. 😉


Hope you enjoyed checking out these sweet kitties as much as I enjoyed photographing them!

See the full Home Tour of Lauren and Jason’s place on Apartment Therapy —> Modern with a Hint of Glam in Seattle

Enjoy the rest of your Caturday!





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