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Smoothie “Bowl” in a Jar

IMG_4953-2A couple of weeks ago, I had the sudden urge to get very organized about my breakfast situation. I was tired of barely having enough time to my make eggs and toast in the morning, and definitely not having time to actually eat them before I fly out the door to catch the last express bus. Half the time I come home to toast left on a plate with just two bites taken out of it. It’s very sad.

I wanted to be able to prepare something at night that was ready to eat in my own kitchen the next morning if I had time, but also be easy to take with me to eat at the office if necessary. And I figured if mason jars were good enough for those salads that have been all the rage, then they would certainly work for smoothie bowls.


Mine are filled with my Spinach Smoothie Bowl recipe, but just note that if you go this route, they should be eaten within 48 hours. (The spinach and banana don’t hold up well beyond that.)


If you’d like to use regular yogurt (I love So Delicious’s coconut yogurt), you can put together a week’s worth if you want, and they’ll keep great in the fridge.

To assemble, simply spoon yogurt (or whatever base you’re working with) in first.


Then add chopped fruit, and in small resealable bags, put any dry ingredients like sliced almonds or granola.


This was such an easy way to take the hurried edge off my morning routine. Hopefully it inspires you to make sure you give yourself a good breakfast—at home, or on the go!


NOTE: I packed my jars pretty tight with ingredients knowing I’d have a bowl available to me to stir everything together in. But if you don’t have bowls at your office and you’d like to be able to stir everything together right in the jar, only fill with yogurt and fruit half way so you have plenty of room.



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