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Small Details, Big Happy

My latest Apartment Therapy House Tour of Hilary and Glenn’s Central District home is live, and while the home as a whole is gorgeous, this particular tour was one that reminded me how much delight I take in the details.

This little corner of the kitchen, for instance…


Hello, happy!

I didn’t know I was craving browns, greens, and white with a punch of yellow until I snapped this photo. I just want to insert myself into this scene…I’d flip on the radio, grab a cup of coffee, lean against the counter, and bathe in that etherial light. As one does.

Another color combo I wanted to eat up with a spoon was in the nursery…


Talk about soothing tones, right? This is something Hilary and Glenn do especially well in their home—they incorporate lots of color, but many are soft and muted…yet still very alive. How do they pull that off??!

I was also super obsessed with these pillow shams…


“I just got them,” Hilary told me—who, incidentally, lived on the floor below me in my college dorm. I’d connected with her and Glenn through a mutual friend when I was looking for homes to feature, with no idea that our paths had crossed twenty years ago. When she opened the door to greet me, I was like, “Umm, I know you! How do I know you?!” Small world.

Hilary confessed that she’d been eyeing these birdie shams for a while and used this tour as her excuse to finally pull the trigger. I applauded her choice. Gave it a mental standing ovation, even.


This is a great example of a room that would look awesome without that small detail, but it’s one that puts an exclamation mark on the room. It’s the layering of decor items like this that can take a room from great to wowza.

Their fireplace mantle was also one of my favorite little spots…


Is it strange that I get a bit of a beachy vibe from their fireplace? Perhaps not—beach bonfires are pretty much the best thing ever, so maybe that association isn’t that odd. Regardless, I love these natural colors mingling with the two black pieces and metallic candle holder. Happy, happy, happy.

So, that’s a little sneak peek, literally, of my newest Home Tour, hot off the digital press. Go check out the full tour here.




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