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Decking the Halls in a Small Space

img_8350The first thing I think when I move into a new apartment is, okay, where is the Christmas tree going to go? But this September, when I had my heart set on my most recent place, I knew instantly that I simply wouldn’t have room for one. But, I couldn’t let that be a deal-breaker, because…

The location? Awesome. Interior design elements? Super fun—a wood slatted wall, a barn door to the bedroom, an open kitchen, oh my! The view? Hello, Space Needle. But the size? Well, let’s just say it’s…svelte. Petite. Cozy. Okay, it’s small. And while I wouldn’t mind just one more closet, I really love it.

But no way, no how will I ever be able to shoehorn a Christmas tree in there. I certainly will never let that deter me from decking some halls, though. Luckily, my dining chairs do much of the heavy lifting. They’re a bright red, almost a dark hot pink—i.e. my absolute favorite shade of red.

And I actually really love that color with a muted green for Christmas.


But, I’m getting ahead of myself a little…first order of business this year for Christmas decor was rounding up the usual suspects.


I usually do a different tree every year—trees of Christmas past include jewel tones, shades of pink with red, as well as super traditional red and gold. But, I’ve been hooked on a woodsy Christmas tree theme for the past few years now, so this year was just about finding a new way to use all those adorable ornaments.

While a tree was out, I still wanted some evergreen in the mix—enter: garland! I’ve never used it before, and I must say, I’m a big fan. It’s relatively inexpensive (I got this 15-foot strand for about $20, and it was plenty to frame my sliding door), and pretty easy to work with.


I found some dried flowers I liked (I’m so sorry, I can remember the name of these—does anyone else know? Please share in the comments!), and wove them into the garland in small bunches. I also found a light green plant (ugh, sorry again—can’t remember the name—it had the word “ice” in it) that came in branches, so stuck little bits of that in there, too, just to give it a little more dimension.


And my little snow birds found a happy home nestled in there. These little guys are my favorite…I got them at West Elm a few years ago.


While I haven’t had the best of luck keeping succulents—or anything green—alive, I decided to give it one more go. I’ve never been a plant person, but I’ve recently been really into incorporating them, never having realized before how good it feels to have something besides me living and breathing in my home. (While they last, at least. This time is going to be different, though—I can feel it. Long live the green things!)


For a Christmassy feel, I have green air plants (there’s where that muted green I mentioned before comes in), a cactus, and succulents mingling with my tree ornaments in a metal tray I got from Target. How about that little air plant with red tips? Kinda festive, right?


Oh, and I got that geometric, Christmas tree table centerpiece-type thing at Target this year…it was on sale, so not sure if it’s still available, but could be worth a search if you’re interested!


Do you have a small space you’re trying to decorate, too? This article and this article from Apartment Therapy have some more really pretty ideas.

One more decor idea that doesn’t take up much space: awesome Christmas mugs.


Happy decorating!



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