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Black Bean Burritos

Happy Thursday, everyone! Today’s recipe is something you can make for dinner tonight, or whip up and throw in the freezer to have handy on those days when time is scarce. Every once in a while when I’m in a hurry I will grab a frozen burrito from the grocery store, but I have yet to ever be fully satisfied by one. Frozen burritos always seem to be heavy on the tortilla (they’re always so bready and thick, right??) and light on the filling—which is usually pretty one-dimensional to start off with, and always missing a respectable dose of vegetables. Plus, I always want a sauce on top, but of course, that’s not really part of the deal. So, those were all the problems I was out to conquer with this recipe, and I think I’ve done it. These burritos can go straight from the freezer to the oven, and the sauce can be defrosted on the stove top in just minutes. And they will kick some serious grocery store freezer burrito ass, I promise. If you …

Squash-Rosemary Pizza

Confession: I had this pizza for both lunch and dinner yesterday, and I could totally go for it again today but I ran out of squash, dang it. [Shakes fist at sky.]  The rosemary and red onions smell absolutely amazing while cooking, so if you live in an apartment building, don’t be surprised if there’s a knock at your door from your neighbor who thought they’d stop by, ya know, just “to see what’s up… Oh, dinner? Pizza, you say? Interesting…” Prepare to make new friends. 🙂

Lemon Chicken (or Garbanzo Bean Fritters) with Flair

When I think lemon chicken, I think one thing: bor-ing. And what it would take to create a souped-up lemon chicken always seemed more trouble than it was worth. On a weeknight, anyway. This recipe knocks both of those theories out with a one-two punch, yet the ingredients don’t come at your taste buds with fists blazing. The flavors are somehow both quiet and completely satisfying. I was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked this. And the vegetarian option, Garbanzo Bean Fritters, are seriously good. I originally tried the recipe with tofu instead of chicken, but that was a no-go. Big time. (Talk about boring.) But the fritters? Well, after trying one for lunch, I doubled the recipe and currently have eight waiting for me in my freezer right now. Yum, yum! Oh, and there aren’t any veggies to speak of in this recipe, so I suggest serving with a simple side salad or throwing down a layer of spinach under the rice. There are instructions for freezing below, but if you’re serving all four servings …