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From Stylish Wallpaper to Wall-to-Wall Style


I have been waaaay off my game in sharing my Apartment Therapy House Tours lately. So much so that Ali and Duffy (at right) have had an actual baby—in addition to their two doggie “babies”—since I photographed their home.

I might need to head back over there to see about snapping some pics of that nursery, but in the meantime, I’ll share some of my favorite photos of their home as it was back in November.

I originally found Ali and Duffy when I posted a picture to my Instagram of the wallpaper at a Fremont restaurant called, Joule…

Well, as it turns out, Ali followed me on Instagram, and, oh, no big deal, but her husband’s company, Electric Coffin, not only designed that wallpaper, but the whole restaurant’s interior. What?! For my taste, Joule is one of the most beautiful restaurants in Seattle. Here, I’ll show you what I mean…

Oh, and this is just a picture of their brunch…YUM.

And what was more, Electric Coffin is also behind other much-talked-about restaurant interiors around Seattle, and they’ve done many other projects around the city—too many to list here, at least. Plus, Ali is a freelance interior designer, so obviously, I needed to see that home of theirs.

I had high expectations, and it was even better than I was anticipating. Below are just a few of my favorite parts, then you really need to go take a look at the whole tour—their place is so, so cool.

Ready? (OK!)


Even though it’s a rental, they’ve done A LOT of upgrades, themselves, including this wood planking on their fireplace…


…and this faux brick wall. Even close up, I would have never known! (Their landlord must absolutely love them.)


And as for this hanging chair…


…I had to ask Ali, “Can you actually sit in that?” With her husband’s work, they surely had connections to people who could make sitting in that chair a relaxing experience, rather than the constant game of hanging chair Russian roulette that it would have been had had been involved. (Will this be the time I go crashing to the floor? Will THIS be the time?)

Oh, and that kitchen! Mine is currently about a third of that size, so I’m particularly envious.


Okay, head over to Apartment Therapy to see the whole tour! The dining room is a must-gawk-over.








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