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Falling for Boston: Stoops, Doors, & Windows

I was in Boston all this week—a couple days of work, then I stayed a few more days since I’d already had a vacation planned to New York City at the end of the week. It was my first time to Boston, and I was obsessed on sight. Truly awestruck at the architecture and the history just radiating from every structure.


And while there are so many beautiful things about the city—the parks! (This is the Boston Public Garden.)IMG_0230

The river! (Found myself an adirondack chair along The Charles River to kick back in.)IMG_0273

The monuments! (Bunker Hill was really amazing…I highly recommend making the trip.)IMG_0490

The food!! (Gluten-free waffle at The Paramount on Beacon Hill—crispy goodness!)IMG_0458

(Treats at Tatte on Charles Street.)IMG_0389

–It would be impossible to cover it all in one blog post. (Because trust me, there’s a lot more where all this came from). So I’m gonna get super focused on one of my favorite things I saw on my visit: the way Bostonians adorn their stoops, doors, and windows. It’s just not something you see in Seattle, so it really captured my attention. And Boston brownstones are just the perfect canvas for that kind of adorableness. I gathered a few of my favorites, sure to give you all the fuzzy fall feelings.

(BTW, these were all taken with my iPhone…I was enjoying walking around so much, I couldn’t be bothered to lug around my good camera all day.)


ALL the colors of the fall rainbow…IMG_0531

Not to get all Good Will Hunting on you, but how d’ya likeĀ themĀ apples? (I personally like them quite a bit.)IMG_0540

Full stoop with some double wreath action. Nice.

This is my favorite shade of orange—basically, almost red.IMG_0563

Those shutters. Can you stand it? So good.

And this one is my favorite. I’m super into purple right now for fall, and it looks really beautiful with that shade of brick red. And that door you have to step down a stair to walk thru??—that’s just about as cute as it gets, Boston. Well played.IMG_0434

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