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Caturday: Togetherness Adorableness

It’s been a while since my last (and actually one and only) Caturday post. Which is shameful since these little ones are a year old now and not so little anymore.

In an attempt to make it up to you, I’ve rounded up the most adorable “kitty together time” photos of Franklin and Louisa that I could find. They are in the order in which they were taken, so you will see them growing before your eyes.

Enjoy. And happy Caturday to you!

So much cuddling and ear floofieness! There’s not nearly as much of either now, but despite this, they truly have only gotten cuter. Franklin is on the right and Louisa on the left.
“You’re taking pictures of us again, aren’t you?”
I was. They were correct.
Louisa has always taken her role of CGO (Chief Grooming Officer) VERY seriously. She was mid-lick when I snapped this picture.
Synchronized cat-ing! They were tracking a fly, which is why their heads are cocked to the side like that. I usually let them enjoy a little fly excitement before taking care of it myself, because these two will jump off a building in pursuit of a fly if I let them.
Sleepy kitten paws.
Most of 2018’s summer bird- and squirrel-watching happened from my bedroom window.
Double-decker kitties!
Franklin’s angling for some belly scratches and Louisa is guarding her toy.
I came home one day to find them like this, even though they never hang out in the bathroom. It was suspect. I think a fly was involved.
This was actually just yesterday afternoon. I recently cleared off the shelf straight ahead, and Franklin is all about it. Meanwhile, Louisa was soaking up some warmth from the radiator underneath her chosen lounging spot.
My desk is right next to this window, and when I turned to see this epic cuteness in progress, I knew I had about eight point two seconds to grab a photo before Louisa got tired of being Franklin’s pillow. In the end, I was wrong. It lasted a whole two and a half minutes longer. Louisa must’ve been snoozing hard.

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