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Dairy-Free Lemon Mousse with Pomegranate Flair

Vegan Lemon Mousse with Pomegranate FlairI’m not one of those people who gives up desserts as a New Year’s resolution. I actually don’t make resolutions at all. But, I’m always so done with cookies, pie, and heavy sweets once January 1st rolls around.

The sweets I crave are on the lighter side (at least for the next month or so), and for whatever reason I was really set on the idea of a lemon dessert this week.

It’s just such an easygoing, refreshing flavor, and extra delicious when it’s in creamy, velvety form. I topped this lemon mousse with pomegranate arils for a little soft burst of berry-like sparkle in each bite.

Plus. The colors! I’m obsessed with the red-pink jewel tone of the pomegranate paired with the soft yellow of the mousse, which—now, excuse me while I travel back to 90s SNL to do my best Linda Richmond impression—is like buttah. All in all, a delightful treat for the eyes as well as the tastebuds. 🙂

Hope you love it!

P.S. If you fancy this color combo as much as I do, feast your eyes on these marshmallows.

Vegan Lemon Mousse with Pomegranate Flair

Dairy-Free Lemon Mousse with Pomegranate Flair
Prep time:
20 min | Ready in: 2 hours 20 min
Yields: about 6, 4-ounce servings

Lemon Mousse IngredientsIngredients:
1 cup cashews
1/2 cup + 1 to 2 tablespoons lemon juice
Zest from one lemon
1 14-ounce package extra-firm tofu
2 tablespoons honey
1/4 cup brown sugar
1 pomegranate


  1. Soak cashews in 1/2 cup lemon juice for 1 to 2 hours.
  2. Remove arils from pomegranate. Here’s a video showing how Martha Stewart does it.
  3. Use a zester to get all that yellow-y flavor off the lemon. If you don’t have a zester, you can use a potato peeler, but you’ll also want to dice it up.
  4. In a blender, process soaked cashews with the lemon juice, zest (save a little bit if you’d like to use some for garnishing), tofu, brown sugar, and honey. Add extra lemon juice or non-dairy milk a little at a time if needed to get the ingredients moving around. Use as little liquid as possible, though.
  5. Spoon into serving dishes, top with pomegranate arils, and refrigerate for two hours until set and chilled. NOTE: If your serving dishes have small openings, spoon the mousse into a large Ziploc, snip 1/4 inch off one corner, and pipe into the dishes.

Vegan Lemon Mousse with Pomegranate Flair

Vegan Lemon Mousse with Pomegranate Flair

Vegan Lemon Mousse with Pomegranate Flair


  1. Dani says

    This sounds yummy but sorry love it’s not vegan….Honey is not vegan 😉


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    • Oh, bummer! You can try substituting the tofu with unripened bananas (so they don’t taste too banana-y)–two should cover it. It’ll have a similar consistency, but the tops will brown just a little if not eaten right away–still tastes great, though! 🙂


    • Also, if you try the banana thing, to avoid browning too much, press plastic wrap right to the surface when you put them in the fridge. And cashew cream cheeses coming next week! 🙂


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